What Technology does it take to Achieve Unified Commerce?

It’s very simple, customers perceive and shop retail brands not channels. This simple premise is the catalyst for retailers shifting their focus to a holistic customer experience and what we term “unified commerce.” Retailers can no longer fragment that experience by channel, but must deliver a customer experience that transcends channels. Unified commerce is the new retail paradigm, driven by the customer that is forever redefining retail.















In this year’s Boston Retail Partners CRM/Unified Commerce and POS/Customer Engagement surveys, retailers indicated that establishing a unified commerce approach is a top company priority. However, only a small percentage of retailers have successfully achieved a unified commerce model. Unified commerce is a transformational undertaking that forces retailers to look not only outward at the customer, but also inward at themselves. Retailers can no longer afford to operate from within silos, and must transform their organization, business processes and technology if they want to align with their customers.

We recently published a white paper titled “Achieve Unified Commerce with the Right Technology” that takes a deeper dive into the technology that enables unified commerce. We are at a strategic inflection point, where retailers can only hope to achieve a unified commerce experience by leveraging the right technology. Download this white paper to see what technology is required to successfully achieve unified commerce and read about realistic use cases that demonstrates the value it brings to retailers.

  • BPM White Paper CoverKey technologies discussed include:
  • Single Commerce Platform
  • Middleware/SOA
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)

Use cases for unified commerce focused on:

  • Customer Engagement: Personalized Selling and Promotions
  • Store Operations: Monitor and Respond in Real-time
  • Supply Chain: Enterprise Inventory Visibility – In Real-time

As always, I am interested in your thoughts and opinions on this topic. Please share your comments below.

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