The Amazing Disappearing Checkout

Digital Transactions – Amazon’s tech-laden Go stores are disrupting in-store checkout. But as other merchants look to follow suit, it’s becoming clear there are lots of ways to get the checkout to check out.

Consumers so loathe waiting in line at checkout that half of all shoppers avoid entering stores with long lines, according to data from, a Web portal for retailers. Additionally, one-third of shoppers who enter a store will leave without buying if they think checkout will take longer than seven minutes.

That’s a lot of lost traffic and sales. To reduce friction and speed up service at checkout, retailers are looking at ways to marry more aspects of the e-commerce shopping experience to the physical point of sale.

“While Amazon can afford to spend that kind of money per location, most retailers can’t,” says Ken Morris, principal for BRP, retail consulting firm. “Self-service technology can be an expensive proposition for retailers, just look at in-store kiosks. But if the phone can be the gateway to a frictionless checkout environment, it’s worth a look, provided it can deliver the adoption levels needed to make it work.”

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