The Most Popular Mobile Payments Platform Might Surprise You

Payment Week – A recent study from Boston Retail Partners managed to pin down what mobile payments platform is the most popular right now. Right now, the study points to Apple Pay as being the most popular, thanks to a hefty number of retailers that accommodate the system.

The Boston Retail Partners study found that 36 percent of North American retailers take Apple Pay, and another 22 percent are planning to do so within a year of the study being taken. While Apple Pay had some real trouble getting started—better than 97 percent of the merchants in the United States didn’t have the necessary near-field communications (NFC) terminals required to let Apple Pay work—three years later, many businesses made such upgrades.

That led Apple’s Luca Maestri, its chief financial officer, to declare Apple Pay “…by far the number one NFC payment service on mobile devices, with nearly 90 percent of all transactions globally.” Recently, Apple Pay added another four countries to the roster of lands that accept Apple Pay, which gave the company a score of 20 such nations overall. It also shows no signs of stopping; it’s planning to carry on with that expansion for at least some time to come.

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