Tire Kingdom® – Customer Service on Steroids!

Imagine this experience at your local tire store…

You drive in with a problem with your tires or brakes or something else and when you are greeted by the salesperson, they can immediately show you what the good, better and best prices for the products you need based on your vehicle make, model and year – without even asking you any questions about your car.

How is this possible? TireKingdomApp

With a nifty POS application designed with the assistance of Boston Retail Partners, Tire Kingdom® staff scan your car’s VIN outside and upload it to the store’s POS system and then the sales associate pulls it up on the screen and can instantaneously identify the inventory and pricing of all products available within a specific radius. The systems not only identifies product availability, but it also categorizes the products into ranges of good, better and best based on price and quality to make the selection decision easier for the customer.

Now that’s customer service!

Walter Deacon

Walter has experience in both the retail and consumer packaged goods industries as an executive and consultant. His work as a partner at PwC Consulting earned him the Chairman’s Client Service award in his dealings with some of the firm’s largest clients. His experience includes planning, procurement, replenishment, logistics, allocation and customer marketing. He specializes in the strategic application of technology to retail and supply chain process.


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