Unified Commerce Is Essential to Meeting Customer Expectations

CRM Magazine – To keep up with consumers’ habits and expectations, retailers must move to a unified commerce model that allows people to shop whenever, wherever, and however they want, BRP (retail consulting firm) concludes in a recent report. But to do this, they must first achieve “the five Es” of customer experience: educate, engage, execute, enhance, and enable.

“To deliver the five ‘Es’ of customer experience, the most successful retailers have transitioned their business processes, development, and delivery processes to enable agile and similar methodologies,” says Perry Kramer, senior vice president and practice lead at BRP. “This transformation to an agile approach enables retailers to react at a pace that allows them to stay ahead of the rapidly changing demands of their consumers. Retailers are changing their core engagement systems to a much more flexible micro-service framework that allows for rapid change in smaller increments.”

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