Uniqlo snubs branded app, partners with mobile shopping platform Spring

Mobile Commerce Daily – Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo is attempting to gain a larger market share in the United States by selling its products through mobile shopping application Spring, marking the brand’s first time merchandising via a third-party platform.

The popular Asia-based marketer is joining Spring’s roster of featured brands a year and a half after the mobile marketplace’s debut, hoping to showcase its aspirational yet accessible pieces in a way that appeals to Spring’s young users. Since Uniqlo does not currently offer a mobile app for U.S. consumers, the retailer is banking on a safer strategy of displaying its products on a popular shopping destination as it steadily builds up its Western fan base.

“Uniqlo’s decision to tap Spring for mobile commerce services instead of using its own branded mobile app provides several benefits,” said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. “Leveraging Spring’s mobile app avoids the cost of building a standalone app and makes its brand more visible by exposing it to consumers that may not be current customers of Uniqlo.

“Another advantage is that Uniqlo doesn’t have to compete with all the other companies vying for precious app space on consumers’ smartphones.”

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