Vetements visualizes fashion’s waste problem in Harrods takeover

Luxury Daily – British department store Harrods is working with streetwear label Vetements to draw attention to the issue of overproduction.

The Zurich-based brand has taken over four of Harrods’ windows for an installation that showcases how much fashion is wasted. While potentially a counter-intuitive message for a brand and retailer, the project aims to inspire a more sustainable fashion strategy.

“The focus on overproduction will help position Harrods as socially responsible and elevate consumers’ perception of the brand,” said David Naumann, vice president of marketing at Boston Retail Partners, Boston. “I hope this initiative on overproduction translates into improved merchandise planning strategies for Harrods that result in smarter buying and production decisions that are better aligned with consumer demand.”

“It is an interesting juxtaposition for Harrods to team up with Vetements for this sustainability initiative, as the pragmatic, down-to-earth culture Vetements doesn’t seem like a good fit with Harrods’ luxury, upscale image,” Boston Retail Partners’ Mr. Naumann said. “However, the association with Vetements may create more brand awareness for Harrods among younger demographics who wouldn’t normally shop at their stores.”

“Many consumers’ shopping decisions are influenced by the personality and image of brands,” Mr. Naumann said. “While it might encourage some shoppers to think twice and ask themselves if they really ‘need’ to buy another clothing item, when they buy the next item they need, they might be inspired to shop at Harrods.”

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