VIDEO: Personalization – The “Amazon Experience” in the store

Retailers can now deliver the “Amazon Experience” in the store.

Retailers can identify who you are (if you opt-in), know what’s in your closet, your online footprint and your online cart abandonment all while you are standing in front of the sales associate. This is “real-time” retail!

Pricing is also going to evolve to a more granular, individual pricing level.

Watch this video blog post to learn more.

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For more information on real-time retail, check out this report:

BRP SPECIAL REPORT: Real-time Retail – The New Retail Imperative

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Ken Morris

Ken was CEO and President of LakeWest Group and founder of CFT Consulting and CFT Systems, a retail software company. Earlier in his career, he held retail information technology executive positions at Lord & Taylor, Filene’s (Macy’s), Talbots, Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, and Sears. His experience is with strategy, selection development and deployment of retail management systems and processes.


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