What are the Top Retail IT Initiatives for 2015?

As you create your budgets for 2015 and plan various projects and initiatives for the next 12-24 months, it helps to have resources to understand what the competition is doing, the trends in the industry, and the new and upcoming technologies that will be influencing your business. We can help you gain insight into what’s happening in the retail industry across all customer touch-points and channels, within the supply chain, throughout the merchandising process and the entire unified commerce enterprise.

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This survey offers insights into retailers’ current state and planned initiatives, priorities, and future trends relating to CRM practices associated with the retail industry’s shift to Unified Commerce. Some of the findings include:

  • Within 5 years, 75% of retailers plan to identify customers when they walk in the store
  • 16% of retailers have real-time retail from POS (offering the “Amazon” experience in-store) and another 63% plan to implement within 5 years
  • 95% of the respondents indicated customer experience/ customer engagement is one of their top three current initiatives

Download: CRM/Unified Commerce Survey


The customer experience is the driver, with customer-facing technology a critical piece of allowing the customer to tailor his or her own shopping experience. Unified commerce is the means to meet customers’ needs and provide the expectedoverall customer experience, and real-time retail is the key to making it happen. This year’s findings include:

  • Retailers realize the significance of offering customer-facing technology in the store with more than half of the respondents ranking it in the top three areas of importance within the organization.
  • Unified commerce services are gaining traction with many retailers planning to expand their services and shipping options to make the customer shopping experience more holistic.
  • Retailers continue to focus on real-time retail to offer customers the online shopping experience, with its rich, detailed content and customer reviews, within the four walls of the store.

Download: POS/Customer Engagement Survey


93% of Retailers are Transforming their Supply Chain to Enable Real-time Retailing!

Progressive retailers are shifting their business organization and supply chain away from distinct shopping channels into a seamless, unified, customer-facing experience to meet the expectations of today’s consumer. This survey focuses on:

  • Unified commerce – 93% are adopting a unified commerce model with 54% in the planning stages and 39% currently implementing solutions
  • Cross-channel inventory fulfillment – 75% of retailers can fulfill inventory across multiple channels
  • Corporate initiatives – 63% identified “enable seamless customer experience online and in-store” a top initiative

Download: Supply Chain Survey


This survey provides both retailers and vendors with insight and observations into the planning and merchandising tactics and strategies that top retailers are currently utilizing, identifying the priorities and initiatives that are currently underway, and addressing what these retailers envision for the near future:

  • Expansion of omni-channel capabilities
  • Increased focus on unified commerce
  • Use of social media in merchandise planning and allocation decisions

Download: Merchandise Planning & Allocation Survey

We hope you find these research survey reports helpful in you 2015 planning.

I welcome any comments or questions you have about these surveys.  Please enter your comments below.


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