Why Do You Get a 2-Foot-Long Receipt for a Pack of Chewing Gum?

Adweek – As shoppers troop off to buy gifts for the holiday season, ringing up an estimated $877 billion, most of them will go home not just with their purchases, but also with a paper receipt in the bag. Often, it’s a very a long paper receipt in the bag.

Kmart clocked in with the longest receipt at 2 feet, while the shortest (5 inches) belonged to none other than CVS (possibly the result of the online scalding the chain took over its mile-long receipts a few years ago.)

“What all these retailers are trying to do is engage the consumer to come back for a second trip,” added Ken Morris, principal with Boston Retail Partners. Like Deery, Morris said that receipts larded with callouts and aflutter with coupons are “sort of old school,” and added that, in his experience, many customers simply don’t pay attention. “It’s got to be over half the people who don’t want the receipts—they throw them away,” said Morris, who counts himself in that group. “The only receipts I take are from restaurants—and I still throw them away. It’s ridiculous.”

But even though those callouts on the receipt to take a survey of your shopping experience have a very low response rate—as little as 2 percent to 3 percent—Morris said the data that retailers get is incredibly valuable to them. “I personally know a number of my clients use customer feedback, and bonuses at the store level are based on that feedback,” he said. “They take that very seriously.”

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